The groceries of the past were like this: as soon as you walked in, you were greeting the young man helping the boss, by calling him by his name; you were tasting delicacies surrounded by inebriating fragrances; you could have found bespoke products that the ‘trusted’ grocer carefully selected, according to his customers’ tastes.

Jewel artisans interpret the charm of groceries by bringing this ancient allure into their world. Their laboratory, which is open to the public, is a reference point – it is a place

where ideas take shape and were dreams are transformed into precious and unique objects to wear, thanks to the ability of skilful hands.

In the new collection 2.0, handcrafted jewels are proposed with refined and elegant shapes. Every woman, according to her taste, can choose her delicacy, her style, her form of expression. The collection marries the creative philosophy that has always represented the brand.